Laura, 11th June ( from Facebook)

Once upon a time there was an unmarried princess who ruled her land wisely and we’ll. she made the laws collected the taxes and was loved by everyone! One day she was sitting by her lake when a frog hopped out, ‘hello princess I am not really a frog, I am a handsome prince, if u kiss me I will regain my human handsome form and marry you. You can have my children care for them, I would like 8, you can wash my clothes and cook my meals you can keep the palace clean and tidy I will take over as ruler and enforcer I will be king I will collect taxes and keep all the money. Of course I will give you generous allowance for household expenses’

Later on that night whilst eating her dinner she suddenly thought to herself, I don’t fucking think so, I do fine on my own and no man will put me down or take over my life!

I read this earlier and just found it so true, although most of us would of kissed the frog .

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