Zach, 18th June

Opening The Door

 ‘Behind Closed Doors’ is going to help me a lot and help the other subjects as well.

 To me behind closed doors is a chance for me to show people how I live, how I feel and what really goes on in my head.

 I’ve worked with Creative Solutions before, so I know how they like to do things and they know what I’m capable of and I am glad I’m working with them again, something great always comes from Creative Solutions and when I work with them that only makes it greater.

 I can’t wait to get this bandwagon rolling and I am anxious (in a good way) to see how this project will turn out, I heard some great things from the other subjects and I can’t wait to step through their door and I welcome them to step through mine.

 I’ll talk again when we get a step further to using the key to see BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!!!

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