David, 18th June

For me, choosing Zach to work with was a no brainer. I’ve worked with him many times before and know his strengths and weaknesses. But despite this familiarity Zach is still a challenge for me to work with – in a good way! His brain works very quickly, there is no resting when you are with him. When we are both on form ideas flow at such a pace that we really need someone taking notes! After a session I have to remind myself of the artist and participant roles as when we are at work, it feels more like two friends collaborating.

Although we know each other well I do still find Zach to be a bit of an enigma, and I know others do too. Perfect for the BCD project. I also know he is unafraid of the free and open ended artistic process that so many other participants find challenging. Perfect for BCD. Zach will always give 100% and pulls everyone along with his enthusiasm. Again, Zach is perfect for BCD.

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