Jacqui, 19th June

H and I have worked with each other for the last 3 years and now know each other well. I have been there as she extracted herself and her daughter from a destructive and manipulative relationship and admired her strength as she built them both a new life, coping alone despite an ongoing disabling knee condition and living 2 floors up.

Soon and unexpectedly a new partner and pregnancy followed, and H is now proud mother of two beautiful children, Bewilderingly for her, despite being more supported than she has ever been in her life by her new partner and his family, she is struggling emotionally. When we meet today she is in tears, and, as with X, all thoughts of discussing BCD go out the window. Not for the first time the thought crosses my head that we run the risk of trivialising all that these strong, bright, amazing woman are going through.

Yet as we carry on talking, the parallels, mutual understanding and mutual desire to expose and challenge this reality that so many incredible women and families are experiencing, breaks through. As we talk, I see H’s shoulders that were rigid when I arrived, start to relax, and she is enthused, excited and passionate about the project.

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