Zach, 25th June

Zach Nicholas – The Man Behind The Madness

 The person you see is just an illusion, designed to shield the real me from the world.

 When I’m alone I can be myself, something I can never be around certain people, but then guess that’s why I am different around people in general. When I’m alone I do sing, talk to myself and think of brand new ideas but people don’t know the other things I do when I’m alone or what I actually think about when I’m with friends. I think about the bad things I’ve done and I tend to literally beat myself up about it, I also have fears, we all do, my fears consist of wondering if I’m ever going to make it big as an actor, my dream job and the only other fear I have is the oncoming death.

 I want people to see what I go through and understand why I’m a tad insane, although sometimes I try to sell crazy when I wear my mask, the things I’ve seen and gone through have drove me crazy and my mind cannot keep everything thing inside and that’s why I have outbursts of anger, insanity and even happiness.

 Having an actor brain makes me want to make my own movies and I have done and I currently have 5 movie ideas in the pipeline but I am struggling to put the first one together, I wish I could get my stars together to create middle of the story as I already know the beginning and end of the movie and the beginning and end are always the easy parts for me, it’s just the filling between the bread that I can’t decide and like most decisions I need help to make a decision.

 In time you will start to see the real me and you will see that I’m not this extreme person, that I do have a sub-conscious of fears, worries and problems and my conscious will always reflect that, I’ve done bad things that I regret, I want to certain bad things but I fight the urge and all the good things I’m looking forward to, everything tends to alter my psyche in a numerous of ways.

I hope that can give you a look into my mind and how I walk this world.

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