Claire, 23rd June

I love it Laura !

I think maybe we talk about ‘play’ for children… There’s also lots of scope for exploring ideas around childhood and maybe what that’s means.

On my visit I was struck by the baby toy that you had as a child and that was now being used by Keegan ( not sure I’ve spelled that right ? ). You also mentioned that you keep safe treasured mementoes of your children’s lives. I’ve thought about how the passing down of objects, memories can create a narrative/story of our lives.

( your sharing of the fairy tale of the queen that didn’t need to kiss a frog to make everything happy ever after…made me smile, and think that each of our stories follow different paths and have different moments and endings that shape us. The choices and circumstances of our lives are so varied )

Other things that I’ve thought about is when you said that you don’t have any images of the children all together and you would like some .. This made me wonder about, if we could actually make this happen …

Would it be of them playing ?

Could we dress up ?

Should it be serious / fun / formal ?

What aspect of your children would you like to capture ? I haven’t met Katie yet but they all seem quite wonderfully distinct

Would you be in it too ?

Would you be behind the lens ?

I think it’s good to ask questions of why ? So many family portraits are posed and composed…

I’m not completely clear how this process, the conversations we have, and the work we want to make will evolve, and if I’m honest I’m apprehensive and excited in equal measure …

It’s a real honour to be welcomed into your home..

I guess it’s up to us to shape what it will be…what we make, create and discover

maybe it’ll be good to communicate with each other any ideas / thoughts / sketches / writing / photos / links to things that we think might be of interest to each other ..

¬†On that note of sharing … Could you send me an image of the yellow baby toy ?

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