Annemarie Wright, 17th July

I met up with Lynda, Coral & Dianna for the second time last week. It was great to meet Lynda’s partner Coral, as the first time I was introduced to Lynda & Dianna she had been at work.

When we originally met we spent a good few hours getting to know each other and it was really interesting to see Lynda’s paintings; which are these amazing photo realism pieces, mainly of very intricate motorbikes. Lynda takes high resolution scans of each of them to keep a record, which is exactly what I do with all my pieces. I really do think it would be great to put them up online, but that’s a conversation for another day!

Over the course of the initial meetings we have been gathering some initial thoughts about what we would all like to get out of the project. My style of work fits in very well with the concept of BCD’s. In my work, I like the viewer to delve a bit deeper into what they are first seeing, inviting the viewer in to see a bit more clearly and give more detail. This is what Lynda & Coral have done by taking part in this project, opening their door firstly to me, and then going forward to the public, to see a part of their daily lives.

I think we are all in agreement that I will produce portraits of Lynda, Coral & Dianna respectively. At first we were thinking about using some of Coral’s poetry for her piece, but after talking a bit more, we decided that it may be fitting to use Lynda & Coral’s story to produce their pieces, which will link in perfectly to the piece of Dianna.

Lynda & Coral had started writing about their relationship from each of their perspectives. Sitting side by side it is a really great, very personal concept. We will be looking at using some audio as well in the final piece, and maybe even see if Dave Grange from Creative Solutions would be willing to do some video work for us.

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