Creative Solutions are currently working with four families and two other artists, to create a number of artist in residence projects in domestic spaces. This project has been born out of our passionate belief that people have more in common than differences, and this project aims to explore, question and celebrate that commonality through drawing, film, photography and installation, and literally open doors to private spaces.

The resulting artworks will be shown in situ, which means that these families have consented to opening their doors to the public. Creating and viewing art work in the home of the subject/ collaborator brings a whole new sensitivity, context and audience experience – the work created will have to be the result of true collaboration.

The relationships for the residencies have been brokered by Jacqui and David from Creative Solutions, and are all people we have worked with before on community projects, who we admire and respect. The artists and families chosen have parallels in life experiences or interests but the process of collaboration may well result in different themes or areas to be explored.

This blog will in part document the fantastic journey both the artists and the families will go on over the next few months, and discuss and question the process of collaboration.

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