Coral, Poems, 8th August

Hide away curl in a ball
Safe and sound away from it all
Can’t hurt, can’t see
The last thing you notice is me

Because I’m always just there
Always fine, always care
You hurt, you cry, you’re pain shows
Somethings wrong and everyone knows

One day things will differ
No one will run, there’ll be no-one there
Your rock will crumble underfoot
Foundations turn to ashes and soot

Nothing is strong forevermore
Like rocks and sand on the seashore
Appear tough and solid in the waves
Sooner or later everyone caves


People have no time
No time to stop
No time to talk
No time for questions
No time for fun!

Time goes by and people say :-
Can’t stop
Can’t stay
Can’t talk
Must go

People say:-
See you later
Can’t stop now
I’ll give you a bell

People have no time to think!
They don’t remember
They forget to ‘phone
Forget to talk
Forget to share

We’re isolated
Isolated by time
Time shuts us out
Rush here,
Rush there
Rush everywhere

We should stop, make time, talk, share ideas!
Ask and answer questions, listen, think, remember!
Time will end, we will all die
What have we done? Waste time!
Not talking
Not thinking
Where has our life gone?
Where has our time gone?

Don’t die not knowing!
Don’t die not talking!

I Love……
A nice warm fire on a cold winters night,
A steaming hot bath when I’m feeling down,
A mug of hot cocoa before going to bed,
Thats what I love.

A cold ice cream while I lay on the beach,
A snowball fight in bobble hat and gloves,
The feel of waves lapping at my feet,
Thats what I love.

Curled up in bed reading a book,
Fish and chips on a bench in a park,
Bonfire night with fireworks bright,
Thats what I love.

Sharing some sweets with my best friend,
Giving some presents at Christmas time,
Helping someone who is in need,
Thats what I love.

Writing a letter to my pen friend,
Writing a poem just thought of,
Or just sitting and thinking what to write next,
That’s what I love.

Letters and Words

I do not recall
The learning of words
Writing and reading
Bringing a magic to my life

When did I learn,
How do I know,
That a D.O.G.
Is an animal
That says woof?

When did letters become words?
And words become phrases
Full of meaning?

Why is a cat so called?
Why is black, black?
Words give meaning
Where did they come from?

Leaping from the pages of a book
A magical mystery to me
Creating pictures from letters
Masterpieces to put Van Gogh to shame

Take a book
A beautiful book
And a little imagination
What do you get?

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